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"I have been using Lyn's Beauty Room for over 13 years on a regular basis. My experience has been friendly, very professional and extremely reliable and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to all my friends and family. I trust Lyn to always do a fantastic job!"

Jacqui Jones, Wootton

"I was nervous when choosing a Beautician when I moved into the area as it is a personal thing and there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable. I made a great choice and have been going to Lyn for about 14 years now. I always feel welcome and looked after and enjoy my “me” time immensely looking and feeling better when I leave. I am a regular, but Lyn never takes that for granted providing a professional service every time with the added bonus of lots of giggles from 14 years of appointments!

I would recommend her without hesitation."

Samantha Gallagher, Wootton

“As one of Lyn's cleints who has a lot less years of service, 3 and counting, I always look forward to her treatments and counting down the days to my next appointment really gives me a buzz. I am a complete fan of GELeration an would reccommend converting to this treatment for your nails. Beyond this Lyn has mastered the art of massage and I know as I have had several practicioners. She is truly gifted and deserves all the good press on here. There is also no doubt that I'll still be ranting on ten years from now!"

JJ Plummer, Kingsheath

"I have been going to Lyn's Beauty Room for 11 years and would recommend her to all my friends. She is friendly, professional and provides a service second to none. I love the GELeration manicure, feels like a real treat :-))"

Helen Carr, Northants

"I have been using Lyn's Beauty Room for over 10 years travelling from Wellingborough for my appointments, . Lyn has always been very friendly and professional, making the whole treatment a really enjoyable experience. GELeration nails are brilliant and a must have treatment for me!!!."

Helen, Wellingborough

"I first went to Lyn in November with no nails really bad habit of biting. She was recommened to me and I was told - go and get gels nails it will help my nails harden and grow and strenghten. They were too short for the first session with Lynn but I had a manicure and got some great cuticle oil which Lyn advised me to apply twice daily to help nourish and strethen my traumatized nails. On my third visit Lyn was amazed at how well I had done in not biting and picking them. We applied the gel. . . . Fantastic! I now have length, they look amazing. My friends are also amazed at my nails as they look better than their nails and they have never bitten theirs so Thanks a million to Lyn! I will continue to visit Lyn's lovely relaxing beauty room and I recommed any one with bad nails GEL is the answer!"

Kerry, Far Cotton

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